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Strategic assessment

Is a strategic assessment the right first step or you? As a product leader, you have conviction in your vision but may struggle to fully translate that vision into action. Figuring out the underlying problems affecting the team can be challenging, as everyone may have different views but not the whole picture.

Working with a partner with operational experience in both early-stage startups and established companies, you'll gain a comprehensive understanding of your current situation, an assessment of existing team gaps, and recommendations to improve your organization's new product development capabilities.

  • Assess how well the team is operating along different dimensions in product development: engineering, product, design, collaboration, communication, messaging, etc.
  • Identify the areas that are challenging and prioritizes their impact to shipping quickly
  • Help team members understand the needs of the business and strengthen operational collaboration
  • Recommendations to address these challenges
  • Outline implementation opportunities

Example questions that we'll cover:

  • What is the current vision and what are the obstacles slowing down execution?
  • How is product development currently run and how do the different functions collaborate in that process?
  • What role does product, engineering and design play at the different stages of product development?
  • How does the team make decisions, address disagreements and prioritize what needs to be done?
  • What is the product's value proposition and how are users connecting with the message?
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  • Executives who want to help their teams ship faster
Design leadership

Build the right product that meets user needs.

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Communication coaching

Resolve disagreements and focus on shipping.

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Product facilitation

Run product development to ship in weeks, not months. 

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As a startup founder and CEO, and public company exec, Tina was one of my most trusted advisors.  Good managers solve hard problems.  Tina goes one step further.  She builds trust and digs into the personal whys (she is one of the most authentic people I've met) but is also pragmatic – she prioritizes the company first, followed by the team, then the individual.  This gave us a deeper understanding of our business and helped us make better decisions.

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CEO and Founder


  1. How is this different from other consulting engagements?

    I have deep operational experience in early-stage startups, spanning product, design, and engineering. In addition, I've gained unofficial experience in marketing, branding, copywriting, and more—whatever it takes to ship fast. My diverse experiences and successes in process improvement provides me a unique ability to see through different lenses and figure out the root causes. I can also help the team to implement the recommendations, ensuring they are not merely left as strategies collecting dust.

  2. How will you be able to figure out what the challenges are?

    My extensive training and experience in listening to users, understanding their unspoken needs, and designing experiences that address those needs enable me to do the same for your team. I developed my communication coaching approach while working with teams navigating the challenges of going from 0 to 1 for the first time, tailoring my methods to suit their specific situation. Our collaboration will be a co-creation process, with ample feedback from both you and your team.

  3. What if we discover gaps where you don't have expertise?

    I am self-aware enough to recognize when additional help is needed and candid enough to tell you. If necessary, I can refer you to other leaders in engineering, product, marketing, executive coaching, and other areas who might be able to help you.

  4. Can't the team just work faster or more?

    Challenges in shipping quickly are rarely (if ever) caused by teams not working hard enough or fast enough, from my experience. If anything, they might be working too much and burning out. Very often, the lack of focus and and shifting priorities compete for their attention, among other challenges. So no, that won't help.

  5. Won't you just tell me that I need help with design, team communication and product development?

    Broadly speaking, most teams could benefit from all three. Given unlimited time, we could achieve many things. Where I am most effective is in uncovering real needs and prioritizing for the best outcomes given limited time and resources. The real value lies in the practical details of what we can achieve given the constraints.

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