Ship products faster. Change team practices to achieve your vision.

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As a startup founder or innovation leader, you're passionate about getting your products out into the world quickly. However, you're facing frustrating obstacles that are preventing your vision from becoming a reality—your team might be bogged down by ineffective practices. Let's change them so the team can focus on bringing your vision to life.


Partner with me to dive deep into your team's challenges that are hindering product development. Together, we can overcome these operational hurdles that slow progress, allowing your team's efforts to make a real impact.


Each team is unique, so there's no one-size-fits-all solution. The best solutions emerge from a deep understanding of your challenges. Let's work closely together to diagnose them and iterate until we reach the desired outcomes.

Tina Nguyen
Tina Nguyen


An empathetic and execution-focused leader with over 15 years of experience in product, design, and engineering, achieving exceptional outcomes and empowering others to do the same.

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How it works

Your team is talented, and you want to set them up to be successful. We can gain a holistic understanding of the organizational challenges that are hindering progress and improve them so your team can realize your vision.

Helping your team to ship faster might involve improving design, team communication, or product development processes, or all three.

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Design leadership

Your users aren't connecting with your product as expected. We can build a strong design practice to create user experiences that bridge your vision with user impact.

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Best for early-stage startups

Communication coaching

Your team's time is consumed by challenging interpersonal dynamics. Learning to communicate effectively will help the team stay focused on delivering results.

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Best for product innovation orgs

Product facilitation

Your team has many great ideas, but there isn’t enough time to execute. We can revamp your process to help the team ship in weeks, not months.

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Best for product innovation orgs


Who you are

As the product leader of a scaling company, you want team members to maintain the deep connection to users, the sense of urgency, and ownership that you feel. To operate with the scrappiness that was present in the early days requires an intentional and concerted effort.

Working together, we can accelerate the way your team operates by fixing what's slowing things down. Unblocking the team will help them focus on the things that will move the needle.

By learning and iterating quickly, finding product-market fit for new features and products will not be so unlikely.


Tina’s history as an engineer and a designer at start-ups have shaped her into a powerhouse with lots of insights to share. In addition to her research and design skillset, she has an uncanny ability to quickly assess team dynamics and identify and leverage the strengths of each team member. This ensures that ideas flow seamlessly within teams and contributes to the overall success of the project.

Lisa Peterson LinkedIn

Design Director


She played a pivotal role in helping us discover our strengths, voice our concerns, and navigate our way to delivering results. Her approach of asking critical questions, both qualitative and quantitative, along with revisiting her insights and notes from previous experiment streams, significantly improved our team dynamics and flow. Working with Tina was not only professionally rewarding but also a great deal of fun.

Arjun Variar LinkedIn

Staff Software Engineer


Working with Tina was a transformative experience, particularly in terms of personal and professional growth. Through her mentorship and guidance, I gained a deeper understanding of startups and honed my abilities to deliver impactful insights. Tina’s dedication to fostering a culture of growth is truly inspiring.

Nora Dabbour LinkedIn

Senior User Experience Researcher


Tina played a pivotal role in my professional and personal development. She genuinely cared for each team member’s growth, and she ensured that the projects I was involved in aligned with my aspirations as a product designer. Tina has a remarkable ability to create an environment where everyone feels comfortable opening up for candid and meaningful conversations.

Noa Kim LinkedIn

Senior Product Designer


Decision-making was clear and transparent, and involved the team in ways that were helpful but not distracting, and inclusive without being stymied by group decision paralysis.

Alyssa Caulley LinkedIn

Engineering Technical Lead


Tina played a pivotal role in enhancing our design maturity, bringing a clear vision of what makes a successful design team. What stood out to me was Tina's emphasis on individual growth. She was keen on understanding each team member's unique qualities, ensuring that the team had a personalized career path aligned with their aspirations and company’s product goals. Her design leadership had a lasting impact on our team, shaping us for continued success.

Kyle Kim LinkedIn

Design Manager


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