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Tina Nguyen


My strategic thinking enables me to quickly assess complex situations and develop insightful solutions—there's very little that I can't figure out.

Combined with my years of experience as VP of Design, Director of Product Management, and software engineer at startups and established companies, this superpower has enabled me to achieve impacts such as uncovering user needs, improving team dynamics, supercharging others' growth, transforming organizational processes, and successfully navigating 0→1.

I lead with empathy, focusing on collaboration and growth to create a culture of excellence and positive impact for individuals, teams, organizations and end users. I approach challenging situations with openness, humor, and optimism, motivating others to use their agency to solve difficult problems. My intimate familiarity with risk and failure enables me to manage them well—I do not suffer from decision paralysis.

Why trust me as your partner?

Because I've done it before.


I spend a lot of time growing this little one too.

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What you can expect

A partner to help your team execute, grow, and thrive.


People and relationships are at the core of my work. When team members thrive, overall performance improves, resulting in more value for end users and better outcomes for the organization.


Open communication is essential in all successful work relationships. If we are able to raise and discuss issues then we can find a way to overcome challenges.


Adopting an inquisitive mindset and asking lots of questions helps me to empathize with others, build better products and effective partnerships.


My default is to challenge what is possible and pushing through discomfort to explore and continually grow, helping others to do the same.


Tina is a powerhouse ... She's a delightful collaborator. Tina's high energy, sense of humor, openness, and eagerness to share and train others are all critical assets in the ups and downs of startup life.

Greg Hecht LinkedIn

CTO and Founder


Tina has a remarkable ability to create an environment where everyone feels comfortable opening up for candid and meaningful conversations.

Noa Kim LinkedIn

Senior Product Designer


What stood out to me was Tina's emphasis on individual growth. She was keen on understanding each team member's unique qualities, ensuring that the team had a personalized career path aligned with their aspirations and company’s product goals.

Kyle Kim LinkedIn

Design Manager


Tina taught the workshop in true Tina style - ensuring everyone felt comfortable while simultaneously pushing us out of our comfort zone. Her authentic approach and general desire to make sure everyone came out of the workshop with something was evident and appreciated.

Tharshika Gnanachelvan LinkedIn

Senior Product Manager


Working with Tina was a transformative experience, particularly in terms of personal and professional growth ... Tina’s dedication to fostering a culture of growth is truly inspiring.

Nora Dabbour LinkedIn

Senior User Experience Researcher


Tina unlocked something in me. In a few short months, I’ve grown more as a designer than I ever had in my career! Tina’s mentoring approach is to steer you in directions that may not be comfortable, but ultimately manifest in that "aha moment" with a stronger solution.

Daihan Zhu LinkedIn

Product Designer


She played a pivotal role in helping us discover our strengths, voice our concerns, and navigate our way to delivering results ... Working with Tina was not only professionally rewarding but also a great deal of fun.

Arjun Variar LinkedIn

Staff Software Engineer


I’ve never met anyone quite like you, how you infect and affect our small group with your talent and personality, how you inspire us and light afire in us the drive to be empathetic toward our users.

Staff Software Engineer


You cared for your peers and led with empathy. Consistently you demonstrated values that made me proud to work alongside you. Thanks for all the memories and for pushing me out of my comfort zone.

Senior Product Manager